The 7 International Retailers U.S. Landlords Need to Know About

Retailers based in other countries are not new to the U.S. shopping-center landscape. Consumers here are very aware of Aldi, H&M, IKEA, Zara, and others.

But many companies not well known to domestic consumers are expanding beyond their home regions and targeting the American consumer in hopes for both a sales push and an increase in brand visibility.

This comes at a good time for retail real estate landlords, considering that several once-prominent retailers are closing stores or going out of business. A recent Moody’s report said that there were nine retail defaults in the first quarter, including ones by Bon-Ton Stores, Claire’s and Sears Holdings...

RSK: Just because it is foreign doesn`t mean it will always work. Retail is in a major morphing mode and I would be leery about some same old same old.

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