Retailers Call on Supreme Court to Overturn ‘Antiquated’ Online Sales Tax Ruling as Justices Hear Oral Arguments

WASHINGTON – With the U.S. Supreme Court holding oral arguments today on whether online sellers can be required to collect sales tax the same as local stores, the National Retail Federation said the time has come to update the court’s landmark 1992 ruling on the issue.

“This case is largely about whether collecting sales tax is an undue burden on interstate commerce,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “That might have been the case in 1992 but technology has eliminated that concern just as it has transformed the retail business and so much of the rest of our world. Today, there’s an app for that.”...


RSK: I would like to get peoples opinion on this. Good idea...bad idea. Email me cirexnews(at)
Ken Notes: I have an even better idea, charge a "federal sales tax" on internet purchases and distribute the proceeds to the purchasing state and hold back 1% for infrastructure improvements.

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