The Construction Industry Knows It`s Behind The Curve In Embracing Technology, And Is Working To Catch Up

Commercial real estate has been slow to embrace technology as an agent of change. The panelists at Bisnow`s Future of Construction event Tuesday at the ASA Chicago Construction Expo & Safety Conference agreed their part of the industry has been very slow to adopt technology into their regular work habits.

One barrier to entry for technology is finding an aggregated software platform that would allow for better communication between the various programs already in use by a company. McShane Construction Executive Vice President Mat Dougherty said his company did an audit on its project management software three years ago and found it uses 10 to 15 different software programs. Having an aggregated platform that would allow these programs to communicate with each other would streamline workflow, from design to execution to billing. There are companies attempting to make this happen, but their results vary right now...


RSK: What industry isn`t behind in can never catch it as a matter of fact because once you embrace some method it is obsolete and something new comes along.

Ken Notes: Not always true if you plan your tech and work your plan you can ignore the noise and focus on the message, tools and communication...

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