What`s A Dog Got To Do With It?

OK, maybe not, but multifamily margins are tightening and competition for residents is increasing, making the right amenity mix key.

Experts say one of the hottest, most effective strategies is to focus on pet amenities because of the large number of pet owners and their willingness to go the extra mile for their fluffy friends. Pet-focused products can increase interest in multifamily projects, and can build community....


RSK: By now most of you know I am a dog lover and do not mind cats either. But somethings can go too far. If you create a pet centric environment expect to lose a few non pet tenants. I will say check the humans out as well as the pets because some are not good pet owners and have no clue. Besides that I would give this a try myself...sounds like community to me.

Ken Notes: I have often thought a creative use of storm water retention areas would be to fence the area and allow adjacent owners to install gates and run their dogs.

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